Presets in the AUv3

Started by DavidS, Jan 07, 2024, 02:44 PM

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I'm new to this app, but really enjoying it. If I'm using it as an AUv3 in a host (in my case, Loopy Pro), how can I open a user-created preset? I can only see the factory ones.


Nice to hear you enjoy the app!
In the preset manager you see clickable labels "factory" and "user".
The userpresets from the standalone Space guitar app are however not readable by the AUv3 version of the app, and vice versa. this is due to Apple's complicated policy of datasharing, which I didn't have to time nor resources to hack yet.
Please also consider giving stars/review in the appstore, that helps greatly, I haven't got any marketing budget, just users.