Started by Brak(E)man, Sep 20, 2022, 03:41 PM

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Would it be possible to have another hold mode, like the EHX freeze?
To be able to play on top.
Or is it too cpu draining?


well, there is a hard hold built in, and it actually allows to play the synth on top over it ;)

In the REMOTE tab:
- set the autohold level to +30db so that it don't trigger on velocity.
- now hitting the hold button will freeze the current synthsignal. you can tie a CC to this hold button.
- if you set decay to 30 sec, it will be infinite.

Note: It takes some practice to make a nice soft hold signal, to be able to play lead etc over it.

CAUTION: ** The REMOTE tab sliders cause occaisonal crashes in version 1.2.4. when incoming CC's are connected.
This is allready fixed here at the lab, and will be relased with next update


Great thanx !