Odd issue with a patch in Cubasis

Started by Songwriter_in_c_eh, Sep 26, 2022, 11:44 PM

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Hi there,

Really enjoying the sounds from SG! I have a weird issue in Cubasis 3.4.3 on a the latest iPad Pro. Recorded a track using patch "38 Dense HP Bass". Everything is fine, until I duplicate the track and then erase the duplicated recording on the duped track. Then for some reason the original track loses all the low end and sounds really thin with only the high frequencies sounding. No matter what I do, it never comes back unless I revert back to before the duped recording was deleted. It seems like an odd issue, so thought I'd mention it.



it is hard HP that omes from above, if the input is too low for some reason, then the sound will become thin, becuase the cutoff  then doesnt move low enough.
So please check if you have a volume or gain in front of SG, or whether that input volume has changed by your actions.
Further also double check whether you recorded the SG knobs.


Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. The input is definitely not too low, at least nothing was changed and the levels are as high as they were when it was originally recorded. I'm not sure what you mean by recording the knobs, but here's the exact repro steps for me.

1) record a brief track using patch 38, single string, simple 30s piece
2) sounds fine, works fine on playback as well
3) tap duplicate in Cubasis to dupe the track
4) solo both tracks, sound is still fine
5) delete the duplicated wav, leaving an empty track but with the same settings as the original because it was duplicated from it
6) now solo the original track. Note nothing was changed other than the original being duplicated and the dupe wav being deleted

Expect the original to still sound fine
Instead it is thin and lost all the depth, doesn't sound at all like it did

If I then undo the deletion of the duplicated wav, and solo each, BOTH the original and the duplicated track sound fine again.

I've done this dozens of times in Cubasis with many apps, and never had the original impacted so I'm not sure what's going on.


that sounds like a problem with buffering: I expect Cubasis to increase buffersize for playback tracks, it might have gone higher than the current max in SG (currently this is 2048 samples)
I'll check this tomorrow, no big deal to make that higher.
For now, please freeze the SG track on which you aren't currently working. Cubasis will then not try to run the playback SG with a high buffersize. Further disable the reverb in the SG patch. using a reverb on a send bus is way more efficent in a DAW.


Thanks Paul, will do. I usually use the reverb on the send bus anyway so will see what happens when I do that.


testing Cubasis: I got it happening once at duplicate, but not again!
The problem *seems* to be that the input sound gets softer, there is a treshold in this patch at -59dB, if you lower that treshold if the error occurs, the low sound will come back.
I'm doing some test recordings, during which I may stumble over the cause of this strange affair. I'm also monitoring the buffersizes Cubasis uses, to be able to rule that out.