PD Space Guitar 2: what's new?

Started by PDFX, Jan 07, 2023, 05:30 PM

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PD Space Guitar 2: what's new?
The tuning fork is allways there for you to tune your instrument: accuracy is 1%.
little nice feature: The ring on top of the tuner wobbles with the frequency you'd hear the wobble with the reference tone..

-Now there are 3 doubler modes: Doubler, Overtones and... intelligent Harmonisers!
the harmonisers use a simple 1 3 5 chord expansion over multiple octaves and can be automated via remote / ENV, which results in a nice auto arpeggiating frenzy.
The harmonisers plays one note from the chord row on the doubler channel.
-Trem is stronger now.
-Vibrato is now stereo, which is a great effect when attack is set to positive: it will make longer notes swim..

-there is now a CHROMATIC knob, that uses the tuning set in the SETUP tab

-The extra HX harmonics now have an inputrange RANGE: this works great to prevent getting too much overtones.

the AMP now has a multimode filter, with remote/ENV oparation. Auto-wah or by remotecontrol and more.
Sensitivy adjustable with indicator on screen.  Wackawacka!
SQUEEL adds even harmonics
ATTACK a classic slow gear function: great to have your guitarplucks hidden

The modulator now has a ROTOR mode. Note: the spread in amps governs the global pan width, so you have to adjust that too for best results! Let your inner Lachy Dooley out!
The delay now has multiple repeats and a tap tempo.

SWIPE EQ - a fullfledged 11 band equaliser with frequency response display. You can quickly draw a line over the knobs, hence the name..
CABINET and REVERB where already there, new are:
AMP setup: SINGLE, DUO or QUATRO.  SINGLE is the old setup with 1 amp and stereo fx.

FX setup: governs the processing order of MOD, AMP & DELAY
PSEUDO pseudo stereo can give big sounds with good mono compatibility.
LATENCY: added 5% for low latency voice application.
TUNING: determines the tuning for chromatic mode.

Reworked the remote system: In he 3 free assignable channels, both ENV's and CC's now have sensitivity and direction.
A great number of hidden app parameters can be assigned to your playing strength or midi input.

Reworked the HOLD function: now with indicators on screen and easy to use level control

Now patch changes are done via crossfading the the amp/mod/delay and cabinet.
1. MIDI Program changes will be only listened too when in the range 0-99  (MIDI hardware number is 0 based, your controller may show 1-100..)
2. As soon as a patch between 100 en 199 is chosen **manually**,  the incoming MIDI PC then will be mapped to this range. This goes for every range 0, 100-199, 200-299 etc etc
3. This way you can have several instances of SG running in parallell within a host, each havin its own range.