tab: AMP (Multimode Filter, EQ, limiter, overdrive, squeel & attack )

Started by PDFX, Feb 06, 2023, 11:38 AM

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Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 20.22.17.png

To avoid confusion at forehand: this is not trying to be a tube guitaramp!
For guitarsynths, fullfledged tubeamp emulations are often way too thick, the aim from this amp is to be fully transparent when needed: the polyphonic waveshaper can create a lot of extra harmonics, the amps should be able to handle this without adding too much extra.

The ENV/CC chooser selects the source of automation. ENV is the clean guitar envelop from the input.
** The 2 versions are optimised for auto filter use: when you hear crackles using the normal filters, please try the 2 versions **

GAIN - is the depth of the filter when in Bandpass/Bandpass2 mode-
FREQ - the default cutoff frequency
RESO - the resonance of the filter

SENSE  - is used for setting the sensivitiy for the ENV/ENV2 sources.
ATTACK - is the speed of reaction.t
FREQ  - target cutoff frequency

Now the botton row with the normal amp section:
LOW CUT - highpass filter, the displayed numbers are midinotes. 28-Bassguitar low E', 40-guitar low E. Note that for leads, often a very high LOW CUT is used in productions, to focus the guitar more into a violin range. Same goes for acoustic guitars!
MID - this 800hz "mid scoop" is a typical feature of electric guitaramps.
GATE - A simple noisegate
GAIN - GAIN pumps up the volume until it limits, so this is a 1 knob sustainer
OVERDRIVE - Symmetric waveshaping clipper, adding odd harmonics.
SQUEEL - Assymetric waveshaper, adds even harmonics.
ATTACK - Automically adds smooth attacks when you silence the guitar a bit before plucking a new note. this is the classic mono version of the polyphonic ATTACK knob in the shaper: it is however not obsolete because of that. A classic attack knob like this is sometimes more suitable, especially for legato playing.
TONE - A simple treble knob

COMP->DRIVE - in this mode you get the max sustain with a more constant edge of the overdrive
DRIVE->COMP - in this mode you get more dynamics with a more dynamic edge of the overdrive