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Started by Paul Driessen, Feb 06, 2023, 11:38 AM

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Paul Driessen

To avoid confusion at forehand: this is not claiming to be a "normal" guitaramp!
For guitarsynths, fullfledged tubeamp emulations are often too thick, the aim from this amp is to be fully transparent when needed: the polyphonic waveshaper can create a lot of extra harmonics, the amps should be able to handle this without adding too much extra.

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SINGLE mode mixes the normal guitar with the shaper into a mono signal before feeding it into a stereo fx/amp setup. (The Shaper blend knob is placed before the amp here)
DOUBLE mode has 1 amp for normal guitar and 1 amp for the shaper. the 2 voices of the Shaper share 1 amp here. The SPREAD knob places the amps in the stereo image.The shaper blend knob works on the amp outputs here.
QUATRO both normal guitar and shaper have a stereo amp. The 2 shaper voices have a separate and normal gutiar has 2 amps. Note that teh MOD fx can make the mono guitar pseudo stereo before it enters the amps. Again, SPREAD place the amps in the stereo image.

A multimode filter with auto mode: The ENV/CC chooser to the right choose the source of automation.
The SENSE is used for setting the sensivitiy for the ENV/ENV2 sources.
ATTACK is the speed of reaction.
SWEEP FREQ to the left is the default cutoff/center frequency, FREQ to the right is the max possible frequency when the ENV/ENV2 goes higher.
Autowah / Envelope filter is achieved by using ENV as source, using a bandpass filter with positive gain (e.g. 20dB) and a bit higher Q (e.g 2), SENSE on 25 or above. Set SWEEP FREQ to the desiered colour at rest, set FREQ to the max frequency desired. Tweak the knobs for a nice playfeel.
WAH PEDAL is the same as autowah, you only swith the ENV chooser to a CC at which your attached midi footpedal is sending.

LOW CUT - highpass filter, the displayed numbers are midinotes. 28-Bassguitar low E', 40-guitar low E. Note that for leads, often a very high LOW CUT is used in productions, to focus the guitar more into a violin range. Same goes for acoustic guitars!
MID - this 800hz "mid scoop" is a typical feature of electric guitaramps.
SWEEP GAIN - A parametric sweeping EQ..
SWEEP FREQ - ..with its center freq. Again: midi note display.
TREBLE Cutoff the hight frequencies. This filter is placed *after* limiter and overdrive!
GATE - A simple noisegate
GAIN - GAIN pumps up the volume until it limits, so this is also a 1 knob sustainer
OVERDRIVE - Symmetric waveshaping clipper, adding odd harmonics.
SQUEEL - Assymetric waveshaper, adds even harmonics.
ATTACK - Automically adds smooth attacks when you silence the guitar a bit before plucking a new note. this is the classic mono version of the polyphonic ATTACK knob in the shaper: it is however not obsolete because of that. A classic attack knob like this is sometimes more suitable, especially for legato playing.
TONE - Using a more elaborate setup, this knob can roll of the overdrive grain at 6 dB per octave, while rolling of the guitartone itself at about 3 dB.

COMP->DRIVE - in this mode you get the max sustain with a more constant edge of the overdrive
DRIVE->COMP - in this mode you get more dynamics with a more dynamic edge of the overdrive