tab: SPACE ( Swipe EQ; Cabinet and Reverb IR )

Started by PDFX, Feb 06, 2023, 12:02 PM

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Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 19.56.28.png
SWIPE EQ turns the graphical equaliser on/off
MIX mixes the neutral position of the 11 bands with the postions on screen. Normal use is 100%. The mix is remotable, so you e.g. can use it as solo boost
16 ..  16744 These indicate the centerfrequencies of the 11 sliders. The EQ bands have a low Q factor, but the sliders go to absolute zero. This is kind of simular to a tube amps tomne stack.
FLAT switches all sliders to neutral position.
DEFEAT sets all sliders to 0: after this you can just pull up a few centers to have a more pronounced color.

The frequency display zooms in to the top 20 dB of the sound: that way you can see better which are dominant frequencies you might want to alter.

CABINET - turn the speakersim on
MIX  - mixlevel mixes the speaker response with the original signal. Using the a negative mix will flip the phase of the speaker and create different colours.

REVERB - turn the convolution reverb on
LEVEL  - mixlevel
DELAY - predelay for the reverb
TONE  - lowpass filter, helps to make some rooms a bit warmer
TIME  - when Simple verb is chosen, you can alter the verb time here.

The dark button is clickable and opens a popup to choose from a list of reverb IR's.
The Simple Verb is not a convolution reverb but a simple oldschool thingy. It is however quiet nice when you need sound that fills in the time direction, without filling up your stereo space.