tab: REMOTE ( Remote channels, Whammy and Hold)

Started by PDFX, Feb 06, 2023, 12:03 PM

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the REMOTE tab has 3 assignable channels to remotely control lots of internal parameters in PD Space Guitar. Please note that these parameters are not exposed otherwise to the host of the plugin.
So automating these sliders or feeding MIDI cc's into the AUv3 are 2 methods of reaching those params.
The assignable channels can also have ENV as input source (your normal guitar sound): this means that your picking strength can steer the fx.
ENV2 uses the second channel of your interface, (it will just not work when only 1 channel is chosen for input, no harm done however)

The 3 assignable remote chanels have on to
<DESTINATION> chooser with 14 options available here
ENV/ENV2/CCx source chooser with 14 options available here
The sliders can also be used manually, but as soon the source generates data it will ofcourse be overruled. So

  • MAX SHIFT - The shift is summed upon the normal shift that is determined by OCT and PITCH.
  • GLIDE - sets the transposition time
  • MARGIN -This will ignore a certain percentage of your footpedal's range at the heel and toe. This assures that your guitar will sound in tune. More extreme settings will make this a pitch switch instead of whammy. You can use the GLIDE knob to make the switch smooth

  • LEVEL - Level of the signal on hold
  • DECAY - The decay time of the hold signa (max 29.9 secs) All the way to the right at 30 secs, is INFINITE
  • DAMPING - Often it is unnatural to have the higher frequencies sustained that long. A higher setting here will shorten the life of the higer frequencies in the holdbuffer.
  • HOLD - the knob on the bottom is the master hold switch: it can work like a normal piano hold pedal
  • RETRIGGER - whenever HOLD is activated, this determines the level at which the hold buffer will be refreshed with new sound.This retrigger will not delete the sound that is allready on hold.
    Turned the knob all the way to the right will turn of retriggering: only the HOLD switch will hold sounds then.
  • GRAB TIME the minimal time a sound has to be sounding before it is worthy of sustaining
  • CC x the MIDI cc that can turn the HOLD button on/off
  • MANUAL HOLD click here to engage/disengage the HOLD. At every activation the current sound is hold, independent from the retrigger setting. Toggable by CC