Started by Paul Driessen, Feb 06, 2023, 03:31 PM

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Paul Driessen

The preset manager is visible on screen allways on ipad in standalone mode.
On iphone or when used as an AUv3 and the plugin window is small, the preset manaqger is hidden untill you click on the <presetnamehere> - PRESETS button.
In the AUv3, making the pluginwindow bigger will automatically switch to the standalone layout with preset manager allwyas on screen.

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Left top:
The presetname can be changed here. (note: the name is only stored once you've saved it)

LATENCY chooser.
A normal setting for guitar is 20%. If you dont play lower chords, you might like to set it to 10% for faster playfeel. For bass guitar, you might set it to 35%, it will then sound clean on the low E. This knob does *not* alter the CPU usage in any way, in contrast to the buffersize setting in the audio config!

clicking here will bring the manager in save mode: you simply then click on the presetknob where you want the current preset to be. The presetmanager will only save presets in the USER bank, so if you are in FACTORY bank, it will show automatically the USER area to save your preset in.

clikcing here will safe the current preset. If the current preset is a factory preset, it will behave like "SAVE AS", and show you the USER banks to pick a spot for your preset. Factory presets can not be overwritten.

  • the USER preset bank is not overwritten when the app is updated. Only the factory updates come fresh with any update of S
  • the USER presets of the standalone and AUv3 are different. You can not safe a preset in the standalone and use it in the AUv3, and vice vers. This is due to the rather complicated security system apple employs, it is on the list for future implementation.