PD Space Guitar 1.3.41 BETA - new features

Started by Paul Driessen, Jan 07, 2023, 05:30 PM

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Paul Driessen

PD Space Guitar 1.3.41 BETA
This should be the 2nd last beta. You are all invited to experiment with it, suggestions and reports are welcome!
Added smooth Patch changes.
Now patch changes are done via crossfading the the amp/mod/delay and cabinet.
1. MIDI Program changes will be only listened too when in the range 0-100
2. As soon as a patch between 100 en 199 is chosen **manually**,  the incoming MIDI PC then will be mapped to this range. This goes for every range 0, 100-199, 200-299 etc etc
3. This way you can have several instances of SG running in parallell within a host, each havin its own range.

1) Now there are 3 doubler modes: Doubler, Overtones and... intelligent Harmonisers!
the harmonisers use a simple 1 3 5 chord expansion over multiple octaves and can be automated via remote / ENV, which results in a nice auto arpeggiating frenzy.
The harmonisers plays one note from the chord row on the doubler channel.
1. the AMP now has a multimode filter, with remote/ENV oparation. Auto-wah or by remotecontrol and more.
 Sensitivy adjustable with indicator on screen.  Wackawacka!
 The modulator now has a ROTOR mode. Note: the spread in amps governs the global pan width, so you have to adjust that too for best results! Let your inner Lachy Dooley out!
Reworked the remote system: both ENV's and CC's now have sensitivity and direction.