the MOD tab

Started by PDFX, Sep 15, 2022, 04:24 PM

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The MOD tab contains 2 effects, that work with time
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 16.12.05.png

MOD - the centered label is also the on/off switch of this modulator
BLEND - mixes the dry signal with the modulated signal. The mix of 50% gives the most rich sound.
FREQ - speed with which the modulator delay changes.
DEPTH - how much time the modulator is using at the max.
STEREO - makes it stereo by altering the modulation phase between left and right.
FEEDBACK - feedback in a delayed signal leads to colorisation, which with changing time constants leads to a bit of caleidoscopic flavour.

DELAY - the centered label is also the on/off switch of this delay
LEVEL - mixlevel
TIME - delay time in milliseconds
FEEDBACK - determines how many repeats you get
TONE - a bandpass filter to colorise the delayed tone..
Q - ..the severness of this colorisation. Keep  this at 0 for straight delays. the colorisation is incremental with every repeat of the delay: this is used to get a bit of oldschool delay flavour

MOD->DELAY signal order: first modulate, then delay
DELAY->MOD signal order: first delay, then modulate[/b]