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Started by Paul Driessen, Sep 15, 2022, 04:01 PM

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Paul Driessen

To avoid confusion at forehand: this is not claiming to be a guitaramp!
It is an easy to use "EQ-LIMITER-OVERDRIVE".
For guitarsynths, fullfledged tubeamp emulations are often too thick, the aim from this amp is to be transparent: the guitarsynth allready creates enough harmonics..
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 15.50.44.png

LOW CUT - highpass filter, the displayed numbers are midinotes. 28-Bassguitar low E', 40-guitar low E. Note that for leads, often a very high LOW CUT is used in productions, to focus the guitar more into a violin range. Same goes for acoustic guitars!
MID - this 800hz "mid scoop" is a typical feature of electric guitaramps.
SWEEP GAIN - A parametric sweeping EQ..
SWEEP FREQ - ..with its center freq. Again: midi note display.
TREBLE Cutoff the hight frequencies. This filter is placed *after* limiter and overdrive!
GATE - A simple noisegate
GAIN - GAIN pumps up the volume until it limits, so this is also a 1 knob sustainer
OVERDRIVE - does what it says, is however most usefull for mild usage.
LEVEL - master output level. Note that the slider on the right of the interface, is the master after mod, delay, reverb and cabinet. This is just the amp

COMP->DRIVE - in this mode you get the max sustain with a more constant edge of the overdrive
DRIVE->COMP - in this mode you get more dynamics with a more dynamic edge of the overdrive